Current Series


The book of Acts chronicles a movement of people who see themselves not as consumers and takers but as people “under orders,” SENT with a story to tell and a world to transform. We will look at the launch of this movement in the catalytic first four chapters of Acts.

Between The Lines

One third of Jesus’ teaching was in parables which seem simple, but don’t be fooled. Though full of commonplace themes and images, these enigmatic stories make spiritual truth clearer. The insights contained in them is “between the lines," catching people off guard in a way that makes them probe deeper and step nearer in search of answers.

For Goodness' Sake

Tucked away in the “back” of the New Testament is a jewel of a letter from the Apostle Paul that provides a unique glimpse into the beauty of goodness. It is a good topic to consider, and a good life to pursue. For the next several weeks it will be good to live in this letter and let the Good God speak to our hearts so we can become blessings to the world around us. For Goodness’ sake.

Think Outside the Church

For the next few weeks we are going to consider Jesus’ “Marching Orders” for the church and what it means to think with the whole world in view. What does our “Missions Portfolio” look like? What should HVC’s “Global Footprint” in the world be? Get ready to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d in your thinking … outside the church!

The Crown

Perhaps you are intrigued by the current Netflix series on Queen Elizabeth, or just by royalty in general because it seems so exotic compared to our own country and culture. However, there is no greater crown than the one that currently rests on the head of the Christ, and many do not truly understand His authority or His splendor. Join us this Lenten Season for a unique study on the Old Testament Book of 1 Kings that will help us understand more deeply the implications of that crown and the true meaning of Easter.

Traveling Companions

No one can navigate or complete the spiritual journey without others to assist and guide along the way. Such people are some of God’s greatest gifts to us. Do we know how to recognize them? Receive them? Learn from them? BE them to others?! Join us for our first series in the new year for a look at the companions God sends us for the different chapters of our lives.


How could so many people miss the birth of Christ when it occurred? Why did they not recognize it when the miracles took place right under their noses? Maybe a better question is: Why don’t WE recognize what Christmas means … for us today??! What we need is insight that comes through spiritual attentiveness to what God is doing in the world. Join us for this Advent series of messages to learn from the Christmas stories how we can “see” God in our own lives.

Awakening: The Conversion of the Twelve

This fall we are going to journey together through the entire Gospel of Mark … seeing the story of Jesus with a birds-eye view … and looking at it from the standpoint of the disciples who underwent a conversion process throughout. We often think of “conversion” as a point in time, but it is really an extended process, and you will “hear” this story in a whole new way as we go through the Gospel of Mark.

Do Something! lean in. step forward.

The beginning of this new fall season is a great opportunity to DO SOMETHING that will grow you closer to God, love others through serving and find your place in the Body of Christ. Take full advantage of this three week series as we consider how to take stock of where you are spiritually and how you can take concrete steps that move you forward!

The Orchard

The Orchard, the place of cultivation and fruitfulness is right in our own hearts! That is the place God wants to grow beautiful - and tasty! - things ... like love, joy, and peace. And that’s just for starters. This summer we are going to do some spiritual gardening by looking at the biblical teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit (cf. Galatians 5:22-23). Be sure to join us when you're in town, and catch up online when you're away. You don't want to leave any "gaps in your garden"!

This is Us

This spring marks the 25th anniversary of our church’s time under the leadership of Frank Boswell as pastor. How are we to view and understand this quarter century from a spiritual standpoint? What, exactly, has God been doing? How has he grown us? Shaped us as a congregation? Where might He be leading us in coming years? Join us this spring for a once-in-a-lifetime series of messages that reflect on our own collective “story” of God’s dealings in our lives.