Current Series

Foundations: Genesis 1-4

If you’ve ever gone into a theater during the middle of an unfamiliar movie, you know how hard it is to understand the movie without knowing how it begins. The same is true of our lives. Whether we realize it or not, everyone is living out of some kind of “story,” some fundamental understanding of the universe: how it came to be, where it is going, who we are, what has gone wrong, etc. Needless to say, we are living in a culture with many competing stories. In the midst of this age - as in every age - the Bible declares itself to be the True Story, and the beginning of that story is the foundation for understanding everything else.

Table Talk

The most interesting conversations take place among people when they are eating together, and the Bible records a lot of dinner conversations that people had with Jesus. This Lenten season (the 40-day time of spiritual preparation for Easter) we are going to look at a series of conversations Jesus had as recorded in the Gospel According to Luke. It is hard to know which is more remarkable … the kinds of people with whom Jesus associates, or the things that he says to them. And we get to listen in.

All Things Restored

The season of Advent pointed us towards that Day when 'every sad thing comes untrue' (Tolkein), but in the meantime our lives and vocations should be giving hints and hopes about what is coming. What is your “vocation”? How does all the ordinary stuff that fills our lives give off the scent of Eternity? What does the Ordinary have to do with the Ultimate? Our Winter Series focuses on HVC’s Core Value of 'Full-Time Calling' and how to live out Christian spirituality in our daily callings.

Rise and Shine

Get your New Year off to a great start with this series of messages on the path of spiritual growth. What does growth look like? How does it occur? What are the steps or stages of growth? We will be viewing growth as a process of awakening to spiritual light, and culminating in an "illumined" life.


The season of Advent is about much more than just the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. As a season that begins in darkness and culminates in an Arrival, it perfectly captures the place that the church occupies in time. More than any other church season, Advent reflects “where we live” and helps us understand that we are not just looking to the past, but also looking – expectantly - to the future. Join us for this holiday series for fresh insights into what it means to be living “between the times.”


Often, our lives are filled with anxiety about what we do not have and what we think we need. If we do not have enough for ourselves, how can we possibly give for the sake of others? You might be surprised! Our next series of messages focuses on the spiritual power and satisfaction that is found at the intersection of Generosity and Enough.

Listening for a Change

What are we to make of the Bible?! It’s so … weird. Lengthy. Repetitive. Confusing. Written by messed up people. Plus … people interpret it in different ways. How can we possibly know the “right” way to read it, and even if we did, how do we know it is even reliable? How did this totally unique “book” (library, really) even come to be in the first place? This series we are going to make sense of this book which has had a greater impact on history and human lives than anything else ever written. At the end of the day we will discover that it is not a book just to be “read.” It is a way to relate to God and hear from Him. Personally. The question is not what we are to make of the Bible; rather, what is the Bible to make of us.

Between The Lines

One third of Jesus’ teaching was in parables which seem simple, but don’t be fooled. Though full of commonplace themes and images, these enigmatic stories make spiritual truth clearer. The insights contained in them is “between the lines," catching people off guard in a way that makes them probe deeper and step nearer in search of answers.

For Goodness' Sake

Tucked away in the “back” of the New Testament is a jewel of a letter from the Apostle Paul that provides a unique glimpse into the beauty of goodness. It is a good topic to consider, and a good life to pursue. For the next several weeks it will be good to live in this letter and let the Good God speak to our hearts so we can become blessings to the world around us. For Goodness’ sake.

Think Outside the Church

For the next few weeks we are going to consider Jesus’ “Marching Orders” for the church and what it means to think with the whole world in view. What does our “Missions Portfolio” look like? What should HVC’s “Global Footprint” in the world be? Get ready to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d in your thinking … outside the church!

The Crown

Perhaps you are intrigued by the current Netflix series on Queen Elizabeth, or just by royalty in general because it seems so exotic compared to our own country and culture. However, there is no greater crown than the one that currently rests on the head of the Christ, and many do not truly understand His authority or His splendor. Join us this Lenten Season for a unique study on the Old Testament Book of 1 Kings that will help us understand more deeply the implications of that crown and the true meaning of Easter.