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What exactly is Rooted?




Rooted Fall Sign-ups will begin in the Summer

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If you plot the trajectory arc of your character forward 20 or 30 years…who or what are you on track to become?
Are you likely to live more and more like Jesus…but with your unique personality?


76% of the nation identifies as Christian.
Only 8% feel they are actually following Jesus.
-Gallup and independent surveys


MOST OF US could really use help knowing how to follow Jesus in our 21st century world.
The early church, in the book of Acts, had spiritual rhythms that brought the fullness of Jesus into their lives and church community.


Rooted is a journey of 10 gatherings & two experiences discovering and practicing the spiritual rhythms the early church knew and truly thrived on.


7 Rhythms of Rooted


Sacrificial Generosity

Serve the Community

Share Your Stories



What is Rooted?
Rooted is a short-term, weekly gathering, in community, to adopt spiritual practices that infuse our lives with Jesus’ best ways to live. There will be reading and reflection time at home leading to sharing thoughts and exploration during group gatherings.

Rooted isn't a Core Group.
It's 10 gatherings with 2 experiences to truly help us know how to live with Jesus in our 21st century world.
The two experiences focus around exploring prayer and serving.

We want everyone to feel comfortable during the group time. Each person decides at what level they prefer to contribute to the conversation.

Rooted meets at the Point location in small breakout groups with a few larger gathering times in the auditorium.


WHEN is Rooted?
6:30 – 8:30 PM
January 16 - April 2

10 gatherings & 2 experiences


$30 a person (hard bound book, childcare if needed, & celebration meal on last day)


Rooted Fall Sign-ups will begin in the Summer



We want to do everything possible to help you attend!


We will have tables setup in the Point Cafe.
We discovered that a lot of people coming for Rooted wanted to bring dinner from home, or pick something up and enjoy dinner together before Rooted.


Would childcare help you attend?
We will provide kind, fun (& background checked) people to spend time with your kids while you are growing closer to Jesus.