Women's Ministries

HVC Women’s ministries encourage women to slow down and to take time for God. We are seeking to realize the full life that Jesus promises in John 10:10. We discover meaning, freedom, and worth by understanding our value in Christ and our purpose as part of Christ’s larger mission for the world.

Authentic relationships are developed where women can enjoy being themselves, support one another in good times and bad, encourage one another to love as Jesus loved, and are inspired to grow as disciples of Christ.

First Time Guests

No matter what stage or walk of life you find yourself in, there is something in Women's Ministry for you. Our earnest desire is that every woman will feel welcomed and valued and experience the deep and amazing love of Christ. We offer several ways to connect and grow in Women’s Ministries.

Please take a look below to find many ways to connect with others and grow in your faith.


Women's Connection Bible Studies

Our study will be on the New Testament book of Hebrews.

We will learn from Hebrews of the supremacy of Christ: that He truly is greater than anything that has come before Him. In light of His supremacy, Hebrews encourages us to persevere in our faith in Christ, especially in the face of hardship and persecution.

Join us as we dig into this book, apply the truths to our lives today, and are transformed!

We will offer this study in these formats:

•  Tuesday evening in person and online

•  Wednesday morning in person

•  Thursday morning in person and online

The cost is $25 for the morning in-person study, $10 for the evening in-person study, and $10 for the online study. A preschool children’s program is available on Thursday mornings at the Beaver Dam location.

MiniSeries Study

Our miniseries studies offer an opportunity for a shorter, yet still meaningful, study of God and His Word in community with other ladies.

Our spring miniseries is a seven-week study of the book, Without Wavering - Resilient Faith Built on the Promises of God.

Enduring, resilient, courageous—these are qualities we want to describe our faith in God. But the truth is that faith is hard, especially when trials, setbacks, and failures seem to define us. How do we trust God day in and day out? The good news is a life of resilient faith is possible.

Please note that childcare is not available for this study. Online and in-person options are available. 

Book Club

A fun way to get connected is the Women's Book Club! The Book Club will be held at various homes and on various Monday evenings throughout the year. Join us for lively discussion on a variety of books and topics.

To sign up to join the group or to ask questions, go to Registration Central and look for "Women's Book Club"


Have you ever wished you had a mature woman to come alongside you in your Christian walk–someone to support, encourage, and challenge you? A Mentor might be just what you’re looking for.

The women’s mentoring ministry seeks to help women deepen relationships with one another and with God by encouraging one another in their personal faith journeys. It involves sharing life with someone who listens and understands.


Read what some of the participants are saying:

 “I had been hoping to find a mentor for some time, but wasn’t sure how to go about finding one. When I learned that Hunt Valley Church has a women’s mentoring program, I was so excited! I’m grateful for this ministry and the way it prayerfully pairs mentors and mentees. I’ve really enjoyed having someone older and wiser to walk through life  with, and am looking forward to continued growth together.” ~Emily, Mentee

“Working with my mentee has been such a breath of fresh air as well as a wonderful way to be held accountable to staying in God’s Word. I have found leaving room for God to show up without my own specific expectations of what the relationship should look like, and putting my time and effort into praying for her and being available to her, has led to mutually rewarding growth in both of us.  She gives me insight and advice that is a blessing and even helps me in my relationships with my own children.  Who knew I would get great parenting advice from my much younger mentor? Mentoring is truly a mutually rewarding experience!” ~Jen, Mentor

"Mentoring from the godly women at Hunt Valley Church has been a literal God-send over the past years. To me, it is one of the ways God provides gentle reminders that He is real in a very tangible form and that He is with me through every step of life, as my mentors have been there for me and walked through many of the things I am going through. It is a great way to be authentic in our walk with Christ, in sharing, connecting, being challenged, growing and blossoming through the process." ~ Peiting, Mentee 

 “What a privilege to be invited into another’s life and to share of God’s goodness from my own journey of joy and challenge. As a mentor, I anticipate being the one to bless, but instead have been the one blessed!” ~Gail, Mentor


If you’d like to learn more about the ministry, contact Stacie Farley  If you would like to be a mentor, or be mentored, please check out our Mentoring Questionnaire.

Mentoring Questionnaire


Time Out: Events

Time Out events are designed to create and strengthen relationships inside the church as well as with our neighbors, coworkers and friends.

Some Time Out events will include a Trivia Night at a local winery, Meditative Exercise, and a time around holidays to Destress and Recenter...among many other kinds of activities.

The best place to spot the next Time Out event is in the events list below!