Street Party

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Street Party is an engaging and exciting environment where our kids connect with their friends and leaders, hear about God’s big story, and explore how it impacts their lives!

 Street Party is an experience for our Kindergarten through 3rd grade students that is designed to help them build relationships with their peers and leaders as they explore God’s word and what it means to follow Him. We believe that in order for our kids to experience a growing and authentic faith, we have to be intentional about how we are engaging and guiding them. That means using games, music, storytelling, and small group activities to help our kids know that they should treat others the way they want to be treated, that they can trust God no matter what, and they have God’s power to help them make the wise choice.


See Street Party in action!

First we … Plug In

Children are greeted at their individual classrooms by their small group leaders.  They will have a chance to share about their week and participate in fun activities to introduce the day’s lesson.

Then we … Power Up

Children then join together in a large group environment to hear the Bible story, learn how this matters in their lives, and participate in a kid powered time of worship.

Finally we … Catch On

Back in their classrooms, children gather into their small groups where the small group leaders build relationships with the children through discussions, activities, and prayer.  Each of these activities is centered around each week’s Bible Point.