Mission & Values

Mission Statement

“Reaching people where they are and transforming their lives through Christ to impact the world for Him.”




"A spiritual community awake to the presence of Christ"

We will know this is happening when:
  • Involvement in spiritual practices is the pervasive culture and people are encouraging each other in them with humility.
  • The church is aware that they are a part of a bigger story and decisions are made in the context of seeking and listening to God's leading.
  • People become profoundly aware of the reality of their spiritual connections and unity in Christ.
  • People are perceptively separating themselves from the world's consumer values and taking self-sacrificing risks to serve and love even to the astonishment of themselves.
  • Parents are learning how to take an active role in the spiritual formation of their children to love God and serve Him faithfully.
  • The community around us looks to us for help when experiencing injustice, suffering, and need, and we are known for successfully meeting these needs in a way that addresses root causes and points them to Christ.
  • Our people are eager to dialogue and converse about their faith in ways that are wise, winsome, and respectful.



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Biblical truth that connects

More than informational the Bible is transformational when it takes first place in our lives as we connect its truth to people's core concerns and needs.


The Christian life was not designed to be attempted alone, so we depend on others in ministry teams, Core Groups, mentoring and quads.

Inner work

Only God can bring deep change in our character and motivation as we participate in the ancient habits and practices that invite God to have His way in us.

Risky obedience 

When necessary, we abandon security and embrace risk in order to reach and disciple people.

 Viral outreach 

We are outward focused, using every aspect of our lives to spread the Gospel among our families, friends and neighborhoods.

Full-time Calling

We embrace the dignity and spiritual significance of our everyday work, recognizing that all followers of Christ are called to “full-time Christian ministry."

Awakening Spiritual Curiosity

We constantly look for creative ways to refresh and reframe our faith to stimulate curiosity and openness to God.


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