Current Series

Whispers of Christmas

There are whispers of Christmas all throughout the Bible. The story begins long before the appearance of shepherds, magi, or a young woman giving birth far from home. It turns out that the Bible is one big book of Advent, anticipating and whispering about this great Messiah King who brings hope to a dark and dying world. Join us as we listen together for the whispers of his coming.

We are visiting various threshold moments in the lives of individuals and in the life of the nation of Israel. It is important to be aware of “liminal moments” when one season of life gives way to another, especially when that moment of decision helps determine what season comes next. How can we know when we are at one of those thresholds? How should we navigate them wisely? Most importantly, what should we do – or not do – when we stand at a threshold?

Gospel Monopoly

Is there any more universal message than the “gospel”? Is there any more universal board game than Monopoly?! What a perfect combo for the first series of the new year! We are going “back to basics” of the central message of the Bible by taking a trip around the Monopoly board. You will never see the gospel OR Monopoly the same again! Join us … and bring your friends.


Is there any more wonderful season than Christmas? Just think of your memories of being a child! There is a reason for that … the story truly is wonder-full. This Advent Season we are going to explore the wonder of Christmas by looking at the story in 4 “acts.” 

H2O: Passage

What do we do with the “downward drag” of our spiritual lives? Why do we keep falling into the same old ditches? The New Testament says it is because we do not understand the meaning of our own baptism! As foreign as that sounds for many of us, it is the centerpiece of teaching in scriptures. We are going to do a “deep dive” (pun intended) into the 6th chapter of the Book of Romans … the one that tells the story of our baptism and what it means.


How do you see yourself? Understand yourself? Imagine yourself? Most people today see themselves as autonomous, “in charge,” self-defining; we can be whoever we want to be. But the spirituality of Jesus is quite different, and until we understand that we will be thwarted and frustrated in our spiritual life. We must learn to see ourselves as entrusted with something that is the most precious possession of the human race and the only hope of its salvation. This series connects with Paul’s 2nd Letter to Timothy. Take his message to heart and you’ll never see yourself the same way again.

Catch the Wind

Wind is a powerful force that affects our lives in many ways. So is “spirit.” It is no accident that both the Hebrew and Greek words for “wind” and “spirit” are one and the same. In many ways, the key to the spiritual life that Jesus taught is learning how to “raise our sails” to catch the wind of the Spirit of Christ so that we are living by His strength and direction. This year, our summer series focuses on some of the everyday practices and “postures” that make all the difference in experiencing the reality of Christ in our lives.

Finding Your Voice

How do we go about sharing our Easter/resurrection convictions in a post-truth world? Jesus tells us to “spread the word” but for most people that is a scary proposition. Is there a way to “translate” this timeless message into a contemporary “key” so that we can gain confidence and boldness in being heard? Join us for our spring series on how we can come out from the shadows and let our lights shine in the world (Matthew 5:15-16) … and enjoy it!

Table Talk

The most interesting conversations take place among people when they are eating together, and the Bible records a lot of dinner conversations that people had with Jesus. This Lenten season (the 40-day time of spiritual preparation for Easter) we are going to look at a series of conversations Jesus had as recorded in the Gospel According to Luke. It is hard to know which is more remarkable … the kinds of people with whom Jesus associates, or the things that he says to them. And we get to listen in.

All Things Restored

The season of Advent pointed us towards that Day when 'every sad thing comes untrue' (Tolkein), but in the meantime our lives and vocations should be giving hints and hopes about what is coming. What is your “vocation”? How does all the ordinary stuff that fills our lives give off the scent of Eternity? What does the Ordinary have to do with the Ultimate? Our Winter Series focuses on HVC’s Core Value of 'Full-Time Calling' and how to live out Christian spirituality in our daily callings.

Rise and Shine

Get your New Year off to a great start with this series of messages on the path of spiritual growth. What does growth look like? How does it occur? What are the steps or stages of growth? We will be viewing growth as a process of awakening to spiritual light, and culminating in an "illumined" life.