Current Series


The book of Acts chronicles a movement of people who see themselves not as consumers and takers but as people “under orders,” SENT with a story to tell and a world to transform. We will look at the launch of this movement in the catalytic first four chapters of Acts.


Everyone encounters them, but not everyone gets through them well. Storms can make us feel like our lives are somehow "off-course" but they may be the time of God's greatest work in our lives. We are going to look at some of the greatest storms recorded in the Bible for insights that may help us navigate those stormy times that come to us all.

In God We Trust

A. W. Tozer once said that "what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." There is certainly nothing "higher" about which we can think than God, and it is crucial that we learn to think about him the way he really is and not just now we wish he was. How else can we trust him if we do not really understand him? We are taking a penetrating look into the mystery of the One from whom all life and blessings flow.

Welcome to the Family

Christians do not just “join” a movement. They are spiritually re-born through Jesus Christ with the life of the coming new creation. With that comes certain privileges and “birthrights.” Do you know yours? Do you thank and praise God for them? Claim your inheritance by joining us for this next series of messages that will open your eyes to rich treasures that you did not even know you had.


How do you know if you are genuinely “following” Christ in this world? One of the ways to know is to see “IF” certain things are true in your life. Jesus speaks directly about the core of what it means to be his follower, and so will we in our next series of messages leading through the Easter season. Gaining clarity on these spiritual “markers” will bring new confidence and conviction to your life.


Community life does not just fall out of the sky. It is not found so much as it is forged. It comes together out of the contributions of everyone in it. Especially in these days of discord and division, Christ’s church needs to model what true unity looks like. This series of messages is based on the 4th chapter of Ephesians to gain an in-depth look at true community, the kind of which we all want to be a part.

Crossing Borders

 “Border crossings” take us from one place to another, from one season to another, or from one leader to another. In God’s hands, these bittersweet seasons are moments of great opportunity as well as times calling for circumspection and wisdom. Join us for a look backward and forwards at God’s hand in the unfolding history of Hunt Valley Church and our pastoral succession.

Unexpected Christmas

The greatest surprises in this season are not the ones under the tree. They are the ones intertwined throughout the Christmas story itself in such a way that you only think you know the story! For Advent this year we are exploring the unexpected dimensions of Jesus’ birth that you will never learn on the Hallmark Channel. Join us for a fresh look at Christmas and bring unexpected meaning into your holiday.

The Possibility of Prayer

“Prayer is not the privilege of a few. It is a reality, easily accessible, for tiny children as for old men. It finds expression in innumerable ways.” (Brother Roger of Taize) Most people feel daunted by prayer, but in fact the Christian life IS prayer, and prayer really IS possible. This series looks at prayer in fresh ways to inspire and encourage you and to help take your prayer life to a new level. Your soul will thank you!