Current Series


The book of Acts chronicles a movement of people who see themselves not as consumers and takers but as people “under orders,” SENT with a story to tell and a world to transform. We will look at the launch of this movement in the catalytic first four chapters of Acts.

Neglected Virtues

In an age of self-expression, the idea of cultivating virtue has been largely eclipsed by the idea of “doing good things” and “making good choices,” but how effective is that, really, without character behind it?! If we do not actively cultivate certain personal qualities then we are actually in danger of unwittingly embracing vices! How, exactly, do we go about cultivating character? What virtues seem to be most neglected today and in need of rediscovery? Why is a life of virtue worth our best efforts, time and energy? Find out in this series, “Neglected Virtues.”

Unlocking the Resurrection

The cross is critical to understanding our spiritual lives, but the empty tomb points the way forward, because if Jesus was raised from the dead ... everything changes! Understanding that reality is the key to living the "Christ-life", and the paradigm for every aspect of our lives. Join us for a fresh overview of the inescapable implications of the resurrection for the transformation of all things.


It is the problem we face every single day, isn't it? Staying the course. Maintaining our spiritual health. Not allowing ourselves to veer off the path or be distracted from what we’re supposed to do. Finding courage to face our challenges and trials. Despite the best of intentions, we find ourselves going up and down, back and forth. Yet, we follow someone who is unrelentingly determined in moving toward his goals and fulfilling his destiny. What would it be like to live like his disciples, unwavering? Find out in our Lenten series as we follow Jesus on his last journey to Jerusalem.

Love Story: Ruth

Everyone loves a good love story, and the book of Ruth is one of the most charming ones in the Bible. There is nothing else quite like it. But do not let the simplicity of the story fool you. Behind the ordinary ups and downs of the lives detailed in it is a Greater Love Story that involves us all. Join us for a two-week look at how love transforms the mundane and the ordinary into vehicles for revealing divine glory.


Everyone starts somewhere. Whether learning an instrument, starting a new job, or beginning a relationship, first steps matter. They set the course for many steps to follow. That is what makes Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, the earliest of his letters to a brand new church, so fascinating. The first shoots of faith of these early believers reveal much about following Jesus in the soil of everyday life. Come learn what it means to not just be alive, but to “Thrive.”

Christmas Lights

Christmas is a season of lights, rightfully giving this time of year a celebratory and distinctive feel. But is there more to light than we can “see”? The Christmas story is about "light" coming into a dark world- What does that mean? What difference does it make in our day-to-day lives? How can we live out the meaning of Christmas now? This Advent we are exploring how Christ lights up our lives.

Sideways Conversations

We've all had them. Interactions around hot topics and sensitive issues that take a wrong turn. It's easy to get entangled or lost and come away discouraged when a relationship is negatively affected. God has wisdom for us on ways to navigate those conversations. Join us in our lead-up to Thanksgiving as we look at this timely topic.

Judges - same song, different verse

Society is crumbling and chaos reigns- welcome to the world of the book of Judges! After hundreds of years of waiting and hoping, Israel finally enters the Promised Land... only to undergo repeated cycles of failure and spiritual indifference, where “each person did what was right in his own eyes.” How does God work in such times, not unlike our own? We will journey through Judges to see how God works redemptively, even in the worst of times.


All too often and all too easily, our focus drifts to ourselves, our friends and families, our church. It’s a kind of gravitational pull that makes us the center of the universe. But Jesus and the gospel call us to an outward focus, to reach and impact others. We need to look “Beyond” ourselves to serve and love those who don’t know Christ.

Wise Guys

What the world wouldn't give for a little wisdom right now! We have no end of "experts" but very few "sages." Wisdom is the capacity that goes beyond formulas and equations to chart a course through the complexities of life ... so that we can live well. The classic book on wisdom in the Bible is Proverbs. We will take an in-depth look at the issues and challenges of flourishing in the Real World.