Bahamas Trip 2019

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All Smiles Around Here

Olivia G.

                After three days and two nights, my favorite part of the Bahamas so far has been beachfront church service. St. Michaels, the church that hosted us, merged us with another mission team from Georgia and welcomed us to a service of sunny music and clear waters. Other church members encouraged us to sing their favorite hymns and pledge our hearts to their Bahamaland. After the service, we ate rice, mac and cheese, barbeque chicken, and cupcakes. Everything was delicious and the water was gorgeous.

Meredith M.

                My favorite part of the Bahamas has been the amazing friendships I’ve made. Before we left for the Bahamas, I was very nervous. I have just joined this church and didn’t have many friends especially in the older grades. From the beginning we arrived here I felt comfortable and loved. Everyone was so welcoming and kind, I totally felt included. I have made amazing new friends in the incoming 10th-grade girls class that I think will last.  

 Megan W.

                Despite the heat and sweat, the Bahamas have been so fun. Arriving here, the gorgeous palm trees were a nice welcoming site. Sunday, my group went to church on the beach. We experienced the Bahamian church as we got to watch the gorgeous ocean. Today (Monday), we started our work projects. My group did VBS in the morning, with the sweetest kids. In the afternoon we went to a nearby preschool to join another group chipping paint to get it ready to repaint later in the week. Only three days into the trip, I have learned so much and have seen God in so many ways.

 Marin W.

                After only a few days in the Bahamas, it has been a great trip so far. When we first left the airport, we found the Praying Pelicans staff and they were welcomed us with the nicest poster. After getting settled into our new home, we did many things together. My favorite was the beach service on Sunday with St. Michaels church, which was gorgeous and helped us adapt to their amazing Bahamian culture. Today, we started our work, and I worked on prepping the furniture in the preschool to later be painted.  My group is so amazing, and I am so glad that I have the ability to work with them this week. So far, this mission trip has been incredible. I am truly blessed to be here surrounded by all of these people who love and are loved by God.

We Have Arrived!

We boarded our flight to the Bahamas! Everything went great at the airport, no problems whatsoever. We saw a lot of other missions groups crowding the airport. Everyone is so excited and anxious to see just exactly what we are getting into. Keep us in your prayers as we minister in the Bahamas and hope for an easy settling in.