Dear Friend,

If you’ve come to this website, you’re looking for something…

  • You could be checking out a new church home and need information to help you determine if HVC is your kind of church. In all likelihood, nobody ever warned you how draining and difficult that search can be, but this website can help demystify HVC before you ever get here.
  • You could be on an even deeper spiritual search and seeking information that helps make sense out of your life.

Hunt Valley Church is a church that is contemporary … creative … caring … and credible for those who are seeking answers to life’s questions. It exists to help people find meaning and joy in the midst of life’s inevitable trials and difficulties. People here are struggling with — and overcoming — the very same things you are. That is because they have found a new kind of life in connection with God made possible by Jesus Christ.

If you feel discouraged … or damaged … or disenchanted with “church” or with Christianity in general … or want to be part of a church that is reaching outside to help people … or just want to grow in your understanding of how to find God’s calling in your everyday life … this church could be for you. It’s worth a visit and I hope you will come and find something on Sunday that works on Monday.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours for Real Life,
Frank Boswell
Pastor Emeritus HVC