Jordan Trip 2019

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Call to Prayer

“With God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26b

“Anything is possible in Mafraq,” said our taxi driver as he opened the gate to the church. St. George’s, one of the oldest churches in existence is in Mafraq, about twenty minutes outside of the city. As Americans, we were mindful of the chain-link fence; as we entered, we weren’t held back by roping but could stand in the ruins, and on the ancient tiles lining the (newer) basilica built in 630 AD. The church was originally in a cave because they had to hide their faith. Eventually, they could speak openly about their faith and move above ground. The people here know we are Christian, it is something they assume because we aren’t Muslim, but it is not something we openly share unless moved by the Holy Spirit.

Susan and David were able to provide medical care as needed as well as on home visits. When they were at the World Relief Center, David could provide medical support for the students, such as a young girl with a fever, and a teacher with a long-term medical concern. They were also on hand when a parent of a staff member began having the symptoms of a heart attack. Susan and Davis went on three home visits to families with serious medical issues.

In one family, the father was unable to work due to a ruptured disc in this c-spine causing severe pain. He is on a number of medications; many of which have side-effects and surgery is not affordable. The wife is the sole breadwinner for the family, but also has a condition that is causing anemia. While her problems could be solved with surgery, she is choosing to live with her symptoms because of the cost, as well as lack of trust due to past experiences. Despite the health concerns, the family was very hospitable and welcoming to Susan and David to come into their home.

Another family visit to a home with ten children has weighed heavily on their hearts. Four of the young girls were in their home in Syria when it was hit by a bomb and the propane tank exploded and they have suffered from extreme burns all over their bodies. One girl, who was buried under the rubble, has had twenty-one surgeries to treat the skins. The burns, on her arms and back, as well as her thighs melting together, have resulted in the need for many skin grafts, but her problems still are not resolved. In addition to the daughters, two of the sons, ages 14 and 20ish, have a neurodevelopmental disorder which has gone undiagnosed were either caused at birth or are genetic. Their systemic condition has also caused their inability to gain weight and they are continuing to waste muscle tissue. Susan and David have committed to reaching out to their resources to find solutions for their pain

Susan and David were able to listen to their struggles, share wisdom, and provide immediate help when they could. Please pray for these families, as well as Susan and David. There is a lot of fear for these families because they don’t understand what is happening nor do they know how to receive help. In addition, health care is expensive for the refugees. Please pray for the Lord to show a solution, if there is one, to help these families with their spiritual darkness and their spiritual blindness, their functional disabilities, disease, and disfigurement.

To All Who are Weary and Burdened

"Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28

 As we write this, it is 8:50 PM in Jordan, 1:50 in Hunt Valley. This is the earliest we have returned to the guest house, and we wake up early. There are eight of us, including Clara, our World Relief friend, two men, six women, one bathroom. We have relearned how to wait our turn. Our housing provides us with what we need, a place to sleep, and our corner shop provides us with water. God provides us with what our soul needs. We can then go help the families we meet.

The 8-12-year-olds of the community, Jordanian and Syrian, who have experienced trauma and loss participated in an interactive awareness presentation provided by our team members. They were given some tools to help them begin to heal. These children are the future of the city; by providing some coping skills, they can start to move forward.

More women were pampered today through loving manicures and facials. Building their self-esteem and providing an opportunity to relax in a women’s only environment strengthens their homes and family. While the time is too short, they are very grateful for the intimate care that was showered upon them. We were able to pray for each woman individually. Although this is optional, each woman was eager to have her worries and concerns carried to God in Jesus’ name.

The “teaching of the teachers” continued with an overview of the verb tenses. The English teachers nodded and laughed when they were told that in English that the rules are more like guidelines because of all of the exceptions to the rules. After a four-hour grammar-thon, the teachers have a better understanding of how the verb tenses cross a timeline. By perfecting their verb usage, they will be able to teach the curriculum more confidently.

In case you were concerned about our cockroach issue, here is the update… the exterminator was unable to make an emergency house call Monday night. After Rodger’s foot was attacked in the bathroom, and a shelf was a casualty of the incident, David and Clara bravely came to the rescue. They purged the bathroom drains…kitchen pipes…the gaping hole in the bathroom wall…and the drainage abyss in the kitchen floor of our pest problems (just a reminder we are sleeping on the floor). Here’s to David, the cockroach slayer!

And of course, we ate today. Food in Jordan is very exciting and surprisingly inexpensive. Since we were eating at the center for dinner, we ate lunch at a restaurant around the corner. We had the chance to talk with some “college guys” who showed us how to eat Mansef by throwing the rice in the air and catching (FYI, that’s not what we ate for lunch, nor did we throw our food). Dinner was a special treat of مقلوبة (pronounced maglooba) which means “upside down.” We also found gelato around the corner from the office. Here you can get “six scoops price of one!”

 PS: Despite what you may have heard, this blog is a joint effort of the entire team. It could not be written without the team, nor could it be written without God