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Apr 19, 2020 | Andy Horvath


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During this tumultuous time in which everything is changing, we are going to walk together through the one story that does not change, the story that provides our hope and strength for the days ahead.
It begins with us looking at Jesus’ active submission in DOING all that was necessary to voluntarily present himself as a sacrifice on Palm Sunday (April 5).
Good Friday (April 10) looks at those final moments as the completion of his task in which all that is required is DONE through his suffering and death.
Easter (April 12) reveals how death is unDONE and defeated by the resurrection of Jesus, and the following Sunday (April 19) looks at how the ripples of that event reverse the damage in the unDOING of death and darkness as the gospel spreads throughout history and throughout time.
This series summarizes the unchanging message that changes everything.