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Catch the Wind

Aug 11, 2019 | Andy Horvath

Stop Day

Practical guidelines & ideas:

  • Sabbath is a day to stop in order to rest and worship, so everything you choose to do or not do should align with that purpose.
  • Establish a regular rhythm of the same day each week.
    • Guard that day, or it will get eaten up by other opportunities.
  • Find a place and a routine.
  • Include family and friends, this doesn’t have to be a private, individualistic discipline. Others (even children) need to experience Sabbath too!
  • Free and life-giving, not burdensome restrictions!
  • Don’t expect instant results (similar to exercise).
  • May take some preparation.
  • Try monthly and annual rhythms too.
  • Allow for different seasons of life, experimentation, and your own personality.
    • What restores you? What is restful and worshipful for you?


one day a week set apart

for rest and worship.



  • Work/activities
    • “If your Sabbath time is very busy and filled with scheduled activities of ‘recreation’ and ministry, it will not suffice. There must be some cessation from activity or exertion.” Tim Keller
  • Worry: anything that takes an emotional or mental toll, whatever stresses you out.
  • Shopping? Instead focus on the gifts God has given you.
  • Plugging in? Leave the virtual world (phones, tablets, computers, TVs) and be fully present to this one.


in order to…

  • Rest: refreshment for our bodies
    • Nap/sleep in, light candles, listen to music, walk, read for pleasure, marital intimacy
  • Worship: refreshment for our spirit
    • Corporate worship, Scripture, prayer, silence, etc
  • Play and celebrate: feasting not fasting, delight not drudgery


Series Information

Wind is a powerful force that affects our lives in many ways. So is “spirit.” It is no accident that both the Hebrew and Greek words for “wind” and “spirit” are one and the same. In many ways, the key to the spiritual life that Jesus taught is learning how to “raise our sails” to catch the wind of the Spirit of Christ so that we are living by His strength and direction. This year, our summer series focuses on some of the everyday practices and “postures” that make all the difference in experiencing the reality of Christ in our lives.