We're practicing the transformational rhythm of Sabbath together as a church.

Have you experienced the “transformational gap" that Pastor John Mark Comer talks about in this video?

Beginning Sunday, February 11th
we start practicing Sabbath together.

There are 3 ways to participate:

We're using teaching content from Pastor John Mark Comer. His teaching style is practical, authentic, and inspires growth.


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Sabbath is a day that reorients our entire week.

It helps us make room for God to do his renewing work in each of us.



Why practice the transformational rhythm of Sabbath?


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We will practice 4 components of Sabbath together.








How will practicing Sabbath work?

We will begin Sunday, February 11th, for 8 Weeks.
There are 4 Sabbath focuses to practice...each focus lasts 2 weeks.
There will be very manageable videos and readings...but the most important part is practicing.


See the 3 ways to participate below...








There are 3 ways to participate