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 Women’s Ministry Invites You To

“Draw Near” ~A Restful One Day Retreat

 Saturday February 10, 2018

9:15am-3:00pm Main Campus


Does life’s frenetic pace and worries leave you feeling weary and empty? Then join us on Saturday February 10th as we “Draw Near” to God and replenish our souls and hearts.

Our morning speaker, Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan,  will help us learn to cope with anxiety, worry and unease by exploring our connection with God and discovering how His presence can help bring peace to our anxious hearts. As we learn to create space to “be quiet,” we can still our thoughts of worry and re-focus on God Himself. We will discover ways to be able to better  hear God’s voice guiding and directing us, ultimately drawing us near to Him.

After lunch, we will have a choice of a practical, hands-on option to help us quiet, relax and engage with God. We will select from one of the following: Q and A session with Heidi, journaling, yoga, art, terrarium build, or a self- guided prayer walk.  For further description please see below. Please Note: There is an additional, minimal cost associated with several of these options.

In the afternoon, we will learn that there is nothing like the power and presence of God to calm a troubled heart and restore peace to the soul through a time of guided “resting prayer” led By Alicia McBride. This session is designed to help participants slow down to receive God’s rest and experience His strengthening, renewing love. Lighting will be subdued, scripture will be read, music will be played, and there will be periods of silence for uninterrupted time with our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

This truly is a day of retreat to slow down and engage with God!


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Open January 14-28th or until sold out.


Cost:  $25 (Includes Lunch)

DR. HEIDI SCHREIBER-PAN is the clinical director at the Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, an affiliate professor of pastoral counseling at Loyola University, Maryland and a therapist in Baltimore County. She specializes in the integration of faith and clinical counseling. Dr. Schreiber-Pan has worked with numerous area faith communities to increase church members’ well-being by equipping individuals with tools for living a God-centered life.

ALICIA MCBRIDE  has been engaged in prayer and healing ministry for over 15 years. She started Resting in God sessions five years ago under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit as a means to help people still their minds and connect their hearts to God’s renewing, healing presence so they may live daily for Him with more courage, conviction, strength and peace, knowing He loves us.


HVC 2018 Women’s Retreat Break-out Options
You will be asked to choose a first and second choice
(You will attend one. We will do our best to match you with your first or second choice.)

Q and A with Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan.

If you, or someone you know, experiences anxiety or excessive worry, and if you would like to learn more about this topic, this workshop is for you. Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, our main speaker, will be available to address specific questions on the topic of worry and anxiety. Heidi, who has a PhD in Pastoral Counseling and is a licensed therapist in private practice, is uniquely qualified to speak from both a clinical and spiritual perspective on the topic. You will find her highly knowledgeable, while also approachable and personable.

Journaling led by Colleen Grammer.

Have you heard about journaling but just don’t know how to get started or what the benefits might be? Colleen began journaling 17 years ago, as a tool to help her navigate a significant crossroads in her life. Through this beautiful spiritual practice, Colleen discovered that writing had the power to help her see the beauty of God at work in her life. In this class, we will hear Colleen’s experience with journaling, while also learning and experiencing the art of journaling for ourselves. Come discover how journaling can help us all encounter God in the ordinary, move us through pain toward healing, discern His voice guiding us in our journey with Him, and so much more.

Yoga led by Julie Snavely.

Julie, a certified yoga instructor, will help us learn to release stress and quiet our minds using movement and breathing techniques. As we learn to become relaxed and peaceful in our minds and bodies, we are more able to pray and listen to God’s voice. Yoga is not a religion, but a physical and mental tool we can use to help us prepare to spend quiet, intimate time with God. This class is appropriate for all levels and will employ a very gentle and relaxing approach. PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLASS WILL BE HELD AT THE POINT WITH CARPOOLING AVAILABLE. If YOU HAVE A YOGA MAT OR BEACH TOWEL, PLEASE BRING IT.

Art led by Carrie Aitken.

Art led by Carrie Aitken. Have you ever considered the benefits of art as a relaxation technique? Art is known to offer stress relief, aid in self expression, foster creativity, and so much more! One of God’s greatest delights is in creating, and being made in the image of God, is it any wonder that there is a part of our hearts that resonates with taking a blank canvas and creating something beautiful? In this session, Carrie, a talented artist and art teacher at Hereford Middle School, will lead you step by step in painting a winter scene. PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLASS WILL REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF $4 (COLLECTED ON THE DAY OF THE RETREAT) FOR SUPPLIES.

Build a Small Terrarium with Cheryl Creamer.

God, in His creativity and generosity, provided us with an abundance of flowers and plants to enjoy, to nurture and to ultimately point to Him. Enjoy God’s handiwork as you dig around in the dirt and design your own terrarium with selected succulents. Cheryl, who completed the Master Gardener’s program in 2015, will help you select plants, and guide you in a design for your custom made terrarium. PLEASE NOTE: BRING YOUR OWN SMALL CONTAINER WITH A DIAMETER OF 6 INCHES OR LESS (DRAINAGE HOLE AND DRIP TRAY RECOMMENDED). THIS CLASS WILL ALSO REQUIRE AN EXTRA FEE OF $5 (COLLECTED ON THE DAY OF THE RETREAT) FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES.

Self- Guided Prayer Walk.

Do you long for time with God, but just can’t seem to set the time aside? Do you love nature and sense God’s presence more strongly as you spend time in His great outdoors? Then enjoy an outside walk along our beautiful property where we will offer seven prayer stations, specifically designed with the theme of drawing near and resting in God’s presence. This time will provide you with a wonderful and refreshing time of being alone with God while also reflecting on the morning and on God’s work and power in your lives.