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Construction UpdateRevised 3/26/2018

Permitting Process

Current status: Our FDP appeal was completed before a 3-member Board of Appeals on April 19, 20, 26, and 27th.  Oral deliberation was completed on June 26th.  On December 8, 2017, we received written deliberations which upheld our case but added several burdensome conditions.  We have since filed a federal appeal against Baltimore County under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) that the conditions restrict our ability to exercise worship.  Subsequently, three neighbors filed an appeal to Circuit Court.  HVC has been granted a “stay” from the Circuit Court, placing that appeal on hold until the federal RLUIPA decision has completed.

The Development Plan appeal was heard in Circuit Court on May 9th.  On July 21, 2017 the judge upheld the decisions by the Administrative Law Judge and the County Board of Appeals – i.e. she found no errors in the decisions!  The same three neighbors have appealed to the state Special Court of Appeals.  A hearing has been scheduled for September 2018.

Brief history: The Administrative Law Judge hearing (combined FDP and Dev Plan) was completed over four days in early 2016.  The ALJ ruled favorably!  On the last day of the appeal window, the opposing counsel filed a request to have the argument “reconsidered”, stalling the process.  The ALJ reconsidered the ruling and, in April 2016, ruled favorably for the church a second time.  Again on the last day of the appeal window, three neighbor families filed an appeal to the county Board of Appeals.

The appeal led to two hearings with the Baltimore County Board of Appeals.  The first, for the Development Plan, was held in July, 2016 and the ALJ decision was upheld by the board on August 25. This decision was appealed to Circuit Court by the same 3 neighbors, where it was heard May 9, 2017 and again the decision was upheld.

For the second stream (the FDP), Hunt Valley Church made arguments to dismiss the appeal.  We argued that the FDP process does not apply to our Development Plan and, therefore, there is no reason for a FDP hearing and no grounds for appeal.  A public deliberation was held on October 19th where the Board of Appeals decided that the legislation was unclear and denied HVC’s motion to dismiss – even though they admitted that the FDP appeal process would be costly and repetitive.  The FDP hearing took four days to complete in April 2017 after which the Board upheld our decision but placed several restrictions on the church.

Be sure to walk our prayer path around the property.  There are prayer suggestions at each station for your convenience.

Civil Lawsuit

The same three neighbors filed a civil lawsuit for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief in February 2018, alleging that HVC traffic delays the neighbors access to/from their property “often as long as 20 minutes”.  The neighbors have an easement along the west side of the property, of which the 200 feet closest to the road is shared with HVC.  We are expecting a court hearing in the next couple months.

Architectural and Bid Process

The “final permit” architectural plans are complete and ready for the General Contractor selection pending the permitting process.  A large group of contractors provided qualification documents in 2016 and were narrowed to a small group who will be issued the plans for bid once we have permit approval.

If you have not seen them, be sure to view the interior concept walk-through” videos which were shown during Sunday worship services in late 2015.

Zoning Process

Our existing zoning was upheld in the 2016 CZMP process and remains suitable for our expansion!

Financial Process


Ready-2 moved our commitment from $5.8M to $6.3M, much of which has already been received.  This front-loaded commitment has allowed us to pay vendors for architectural work and legal fees without additional loans, and we were able to completely pay off our mortgage, yielding additional savings in interest prior to construction.

You can still be part of the work God is doing at HVC!  If you would like to contribute, pick up a Commitment Card at our Welcome Center in the lobby, or send an email to our Finance Office.

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to uphold this process before the Lord.

My Heart is ready.  Oh God, My heart is ready.  Psalm 57:7