Worship Times: Sundays at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am (9:35 simulcast @ The Point)

So much of the struggle in our lives is to make them “work”.  We keep living to manage life — even God and sin — so we can maximize our comfort and gain our desires.  However, “we are called to tell God’s story with our lives, not to tell our story with his resources.”

We affirm that God has a bigger, non-optional plan:  to have Christ formed in us so that we come into possession of our True Selves and enjoy an increasing capacity and freedom to love and serve others like Christ did.  That is why we do not measure “success” just by participation in programs or knowing the right answers.  Primarily, we look for deep change in people’s character and motivation.

While this growth is something only God can produce in us, it requires our active willingness to go deep with God and involves our participation in the ancient habits and practices that invite God to have his way in that formation process.  Because this process varies from person to person, we will avoid a cookie-cutter approach to spiritual maturity.   To accomplish this, we will intentionally arrange our lives and the activities and resources at Hunt Valley Church to encourage that formation process so that, like John the Baptist, we can say with growing honesty and joy, “He must increase and we must decrease.”

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