Worship Times: Sundays at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am (9:35 simulcast @ The Point)

Early Christians carried the title, “The Called Out Ones,” but we haven’t been just called out; we’ve also been called to something.  God’s calling on our lives is more than what we do; it speaks to who we are designed to be.  As a church and as individuals, only when we respond to Christ and live out his call do we become our real selves … agents of creative goodness in a contested world.

Because Jesus’ authority extends to everyone, everywhere and all the time — not just on Sunday morning or in a church building — we will seek to discover his call on our lives and strive to live it out in the world God loves in greater and deeper ways.

Following his call gives dignity and spiritual significance to everyday work and imbues all our efforts with the aroma of eternity and of Jesus himself.  We will recognize that all followers of Christ are called to “full-time Christian work” in their leisure, vocation and passions so that they are the advancing front and foretaste of the new creation that God has already begun.

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