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December 20, 2018

When they had seen him, they spread the word
concerning what had been told them about this child … (Luke 2:17, NIV)

After seeing … the shepherds spoke. How could they not speak?! The truth of what the angels had told them was apparent after seeing the newborn infant lying in a manger. Ironically, people (shepherds) who were not even considered reliable enough to testify in court became Jesus’ first witnesses! Maybe their social status made their story more credible. What motive could they have for making up such a story? Their credibility was further sustained by the fact that there was not just one or two people, but a whole company of shepherds who saw and heard.

Notice carefully what it was that they told people. They did not just “share” their experience in the field. The most important thing they had to share was what the angel had told them about the infant in the manger. Without that information, their story was just about a “religious experience,” and the religious experience of one person does not help, let alone “save,” another person. What people needed to know was that a savior had been born on their behalf. That news changes everything.

The shepherds are a model for us, because we are all called to be witnesses (Matt. 28:18ff, Acts 1:8, 1 Peter 3:15); not “salespeople,” but “witnesses.” We can only tell what we have seen and heard, and we have “seen,” haven’t we? The “eyes of our hearts” have been enlightened (Eph. 1:18) so that we can say, “I see what people have been saying all these years; I see who that infant truly is.” When we “testify” to his identity, we are not just expressing an opinion, but passing on what the angel said. If shepherds can be witnesses, so can we. We do not have to tell what we do not know. We just need to be faithful with what we do know.

Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is a great opportunity to extend invitations to people to “come and see.” There is an “expectancy” in the air around Christmas that opens hearts to reflection. Someone recently expressed curiosity to me about our service, and found the thought of a time for spiritual reflection to be quite attractive. Then I added: “PLUS … it’s a great story!” They thought for a moment … and then agreed. After all, who can deny that?! As soon as someone slows down long enough to ponder it, its power begins to penetrate.

Best of all, we have room! To whom could you could extend a warm invitation? Even when someone declines, it often feels like a compliment to be invited. That’s a “no-lose” deal. The most seats available are at the two services at The Point (4:30 and 6:15pm), especially the later service. Families with young children need to be at the Main Campus because of the provision for children, so if you are able to go to The Point it opens up seats for all those people we are inviting. Do not think The Point is “second class” just because part of it is broadcast. Most of the elements are “live. I hear from people regularly who experience the new auditorium for the first time and are so impressed. There is also a bonus that those at The Point will experience. Can’t tell you what it is. Just sayin’ …

Spread the word!

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