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Core Groups – connect

Alone in a crowd

Do you ever get the feeling that our suburbs are designed so that people barely get to connect? It seems we only get to share a tiny bit of our hearts, joys and struggles before we have to race off to the next thing. And yet, we seem to long for deeper connection and a chance to know others and be known.

At Hunt Valley Church we believe we were made for deep relationship, first with God, and then with others. In fact, it is only in relationships with others that we can fully know God.

If you’ve read our Values you know we want to be serious and intentional about doing life together. Our value of “Interdependence” speaks to how important it is to us. As you read below you’ll see that we pursue this Interdependence in a variety of groups. Namely, Core Groups and Triads/Quads. We invite you to check out all these options and see which fits best for you.


communityAbout our Core Groups

One way we encourage Interdependence is participation in one of our Core Groups.

Meeting during the week, usually in someone’s home, these groups of 8-14 adults aim to connect as biblical community. They are designed for spiritual formation and growth by interacting and connecting around God’s word. Core Groups are the indispensable place where people can really get to know Jesus and the joy that comes from following Him, encouraged by others on that same journey, facing the same struggles.

For more information please contact Andy Horvath

Join or Host a Core group…

We are forming groups now and joining or hosting a group is easy.

Like to join a group? Search for a good fit above and click on the leader’s email to join a group or get more information.

Like to Host a group? Contact Andy Horvath via email or by phone 410.771.0690 or at the church on Sunday.


Triads and Quads – another way to connect


Triads and Quads (groups of 3 and 4 people) are an effective way to grow in your spiritual life by following Christ in company with others. We are not made to make the spiritual journey alone, but to do so in conversation with others whom God so often uses to speak to us and illumine our path. Triads (and Quads) are different than one on one mentoring, for example, because the third person equalizes the interpersonal dynamic. It is easier sometimes to find a time when 3 or 4 can meet than it is for a dozen people in an Impact Group. For many people whose schedules make it difficult to participate in an Impact Group, Triads and Quads provide a realistic alternative for meeting with others on a regular basis.

If you’d like to know more about Triads and/or Quads, how to start one, how to join one, etc. You can contact Andy Horvath