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Core Groups – connect

Connecting a community of believers to be transformed in Christ.


At Hunt Valley Church (HVC), we believe spiritual growth takes off when you are connected in relationship with other believers. Core Groups are an essential part of HVC’s discipleship ministry. They create a caring environment where relationships are formed, Interdependence is fostered, and Biblical Truth That Connects is shared together. In Core Groups, people go through life together, strengthen their faith in Jesus (or accept him for the first time!), connect with God’s Word, and continue on their spiritual journey with each other.



Connecting with a Core Group

There are many ways to connect with a Core Group.

  1. Check out our display in the lobby of the main campus and at the Point.
  2. Use our Core Group Connect feature at the top of this page.
  3. Email Jason at coregroups@huntvalleychurch.org for assistance in finding a group that meets your needs.

Facilitating a Core Group

We are always eager to expand the Core Group ministry. Periodically throughout the year we have Strengthening the Core events which are designed to explain what being a Core Group facilitator is all about and answer any questions you may have.

If you are ready to take the next step to become a Core Group facilitator, read over the job description and then complete the application

What Are Core Groups

The term “Core Group” comes from what may be the more familiar terms of small group, life group, community group, house church, etc; The name “Core Group” has a dual implication. The first refers to the centrality of these groups to the life of the church. These groups allow an individual to become “plugged in” to the heart of the church’s community. The second implication of the term “Core Group” is the way in which these groups reflect HVC’s core values. While each of these core values are in some way reflected through our Core Groups, we especially believe that these four values are C.O.R.E. to the nature of these groups.


Biblical Truth That Connects

Risky Obedience

InneR Work



Interested in becoming a Core Group facilitator? Click here for the application

Want to earn some money? Do you enjoy hanging out and playing with children? Apply to be a part of the Core Group Childcare list. (must be 13 or older to apply)
Click here for the application

Job Descriptions
Upcoming Events

10/20, 7 pm @ the Point – Strengthening the Core


10/21, 11 am @ the Point – Strengthening the Core


11/18, 11 am @ the Point – Core Training