Worship Times: Sundays at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am (9:35 simulcast @ The Point)

God’s words are “living,” full of wonder and mystery.  By means of words God spoke the universe and our world into existence, and ultimately they became flesh and blood, a living picture in the person of Jesus.  That is why His words are far more than informational and more like a call to action.   They are as dynamic as they are disruptive to our lives in helping us see and understand our mission in the world so we can participate in God’s unfolding story.

This means the Bible will take first place in our lives as the lens and light by which we see, imagine  and evaluate everything.  We do not want to make an idol out of theology but will dig deep to hear Scripture clearly and thoroughly so we can connect its truth to people’s core concerns and needs.  We must engage people’s hearts by listening deeply and sympathetically to their hopes and struggles, welcoming the intense conversation and the tough questions.  As we come to understand people’s thoughts and “stories” we will look for creative and imaginative ways to demonstrate and explain how God’s Greater Story envelopes theirs and brings freedom that allows us to embrace each other in love.

We envision a theologically robust church which leads us to greater and greater humility.  As we grow in our knowledge of Jesus through the Scriptures we will respond to His words by following Him as He leads, whether into the dark places of our own hearts or into intimidating places in our world, to bring His life-giving message.  We agree with Peter who said, “Where else will we go?  Who else has the words of life?”

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